Who will I be working with?

Virtualify connects you with truly amazing and highly motivated individuals.

Virtualify screens college educated candidates on a daily basis but only the best make the cut. The few that do, go through Voot Camp, an extensive training program designed to augment and further enhance the candidates already amazing skill sets with the goal of creating the most efficient and effective Virtual Assistant in the known universe!

We only hire the best
VA Task List College graduate
VA Task List Bachelor of Arts / Science degree or equivalent
VA Task List Proficient in written and spoken english
VA Task List Proficient in the use of office software applications
VA Task List Computer and Internet Savvy
VA Task List Continous training & skill augmentation

Hear what our team members have to say.

  • Virtualify gives me the best of both worlds. A fulfilling career while working from home allows me to be with my family.
  • Working with Virtualify allowed me to save heaps! Something I was unable to do in my past jobs because of transportation and food cost.
  • I am at awe  at how efficient this service is and how much I have benefited from Virtualify's ability to find me a job that matched my skills set and interest.
  • I like the flexibility in hours, I can concentrate on the job at hand, at the same time take care of my family.
  • Virtualify's training and placement system is so awesome, within the week I passed vootcamp, they landed me a job with an Australian company!