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The Art of Delegation

Accomplish more by doing less


Delegate task to your VA

If you want more time for yourself and still be productive as ever, delegating to a Virtual Assistant is definitely for you.

Don't worry if delegation isn't your strong suite. We will set you up with a Virtualify Coach who will guide and assist in getting you started working with your VA. Your Coach will provide you with tips, insights, resources and online tools to get you assigning task like a master delegator in no time!

Get things done

Get things done

Get more done that you thought possible

Get things done

Get more things done that you thought possible

Imagine yourself having more time to spend with love ones, enjoying a sport or a hobby or drumming up strategies for your business knowing that your Virtual Assistant is busy knocking off task after task freeing-up even more time for you to focus on the stuff that matter most.

Some of the task you can delegate to your VA
VA Task List Transcribe your notes into documents
VA Task List Data entry
VA Task List Organize your calendar and schedule your appointments
VA Task List Organize your personal and business contacts, files and records
VA Task List Organize and answer your emails
VA Task List Update your social media channels
VA Task List Internet research and data mining
VA Task List Schedule and update website and blogs post