Help people get what they want and they will help you get what you want...

Anthony Ayson Co-Founder

How we got started?

A social initiative that went berserk

While attending a state sponsored economic briefing ( I really do not know how we ended up attending one of these things, but in this case we are glad that we did. In all likely hood it was the promise of a Free breakfast ), we were told that a good percentage of the country's brightest are relinquished to really bad jobs due to the lack of better employment opportunities locally. We are talking about licensed nurses and engineers taking jobs as shop clerks. Not that there's anything wrong with these honest jobs. But nurses and engineers as shop keepers??!....come on!

Outraged!, (The pancakes were soggy! The coffee was terri.... ) we decided to spend much of our free time drumming up ways to get people meaningful employment opportunities. Then one morning, during a caffeine induced trance, an idea is born!